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Christ Memorial Episcopal Church was founded in 1828 by Danville resident, Peter Baldy, and has been a solid, stable place of worship ever since. Over the years, the church has had it “ups and downs,” most notably a great fire in 1948 which destroyed the central bell tower and left only the exterior walls. The church was reconstructed, but the tower was never rebuilt.

Recently, Christ Church has entered a new era of visibility and vitality, perhaps unlike any seen since its inception. Due to the generous donations of parishioners and the blessings of monetary gifts and bequests, we have been able to re-build the tower and restore almost every time worn aspect of the church.

Christ Memorial Episcopal Church no longer lies dormant, but now has come alive generating excitement and interest throughout the entire community. The monetary blessings that we have received allow Christ Church to maintain a healthy financial foundation and a solid physical structure to match our on-going spiritual enthusiasm. 

Blessing of the Pets
Diaper Bank
Diaper Bank
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